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In China Environmental Pollution Causes Great Economic Damage To The Country

boxChinese expert in the area of environment said that the economic damage of environmental pollution amounts to $ 728.5 million at present.
Academician of Chinese Academy of Construction, a specialist in the area of constructions of environmental protection, Liu Hunlyan at a forum, which held on May 22 in an international exhibition of scientific and technical industries, held in Beijing, reported that while growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in the country, also the number of emissions of harmful substances steadily increased. He also said that in 22% of cities in China the content of sulfur dioxide in the air exceeds the norm. These cities are mostly in Sichuan province, Hans, Guizhou and other. Academician Liu also said that the economic damage of pollution are already at $ 728.5 million.

A specialist on environmental issues Wang Veylo, who lives in Germany, said that according to the UN report during 2007, each year 700 people died from air and water pollution in China.

According to a report, which published by the Chinese Government in February this year, about the status of environmental protection, over the past 10 years, a violation of the ecology and environmental pollution in the country has damaged the national economy at a rate of 10% of the value of gross output in the country. Despite these problems, China is still a wonderful country, which issued the chinese visa, thousands of tourists arrive every year. For tourists there are comfortable hotels, such as Hotels in Edinburgh or or other European cities.




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Tourism in China

At the end of 2002 China had 11,552 tourist companies, the quality of equipment and services improve substantially. Major tourist companies have highly qualified personnel and the system of modern service and can grant the demands of most foreign tourists. So traveling on the recommendations of travel companies and travel bureaus is very good choice.
In addition hotels 4th and 5th star categories also arrange guided tours for their clients. In some cities, service centers for tourists set up.

China travel

In China there are a great variety of choices of a possible relaxation of China travel.
In the autumn-winter China tours season land in Heilongjiang province is covered with a thick layer of snow, which allows to ski and skate, play hockey, as well as take part in sailing races on the festival of ice sculptures. For fans, there is an opportunity to hunt for animals as a addition to China tours.

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